He lived in a town or a village

Don’t know how to express

Because no too much people

Yes, it was in the middle


Am I lying? am I? am I?

No, he was just a boy

innocent, as he said

With a curious mind


So, this lad has gone true many things

Are they painful? Painful? not painful?

His blood and sweat belong to them

No, he was boy with luxury in a shed


Raised my two gods

Was it hard? hard? not hard?

No game it’s a reality trick

Yes, he was a little brat without them


I met him in silence

No silence could resist him

He was on his way to glory

Word was not a word but action


Young one becomes a monster

Monster? monster? not a monster?

No, a disguised personality

Serves god from the darkness


Now his name is Jonathan

Jonathan? Jo?, not Jonathan?

No, Jo was a myth now

Myths don’t get too close


He stabbed him several times

Jo? Jonathan?, not Jonathan?

Now he carried his weapon

A blade of certainty


Still serving god from light

Light? darkness? no light

No light is not darkness to him

Prefer darkness it’s what feeds him


Crying wasn’t a relief now and then

Crying? crying? no crying?

No, it the wrath of the darkness

raided his mind and thoughts


I can see light in him

Dying? Dying? not dying?

Might be a dressed-up joke

No, he keeps it as a key


I sat on a chair with him

wasn’t happy or sad

crazy? Crazy? not crazy?

no, its the illusions of his joy


Day dream


A shiny sky a clear blue sky

With a rainbow uphill

“Was it raining yesterday?”

“I can’t remember anything”

But today it is a new beginning of time

Can’t believe is that if the time going backwards

It’s strange how nature acts

After a long time I felt so calm

“Am I supposed to be calm?”

“Is this a dream? “

“Why can’t I move?”

But still I can feel everything

I tried to look down

I was not on the ground

Let the wind take me where ever she want

I was floating for hours

“This can’t be earth”

This much life? I might definitely dreaming

Finally I hit the ground, so hard

But I was still fine

I moved my eyes every where

“Where are you wind?”

“I can’t stay alone”

I stayed there with full of hope

That I could continue my journey

“What was that sound”?

I was shaking as hell

Suddenly the ground started cracking

“Run it’s an earth quake”

I couldn’t move my legs

Nor my arms

I kept screaming to god

“Is that wind coming over there?”

“I’m here get me out of here”

I slipped through the crack

I closed my eyes

I know this was not the end

Tear drops started to fall

But the worm took them all

I was so far from the ground

I opened my eyes

I can still see wind from the cracks

Roaming every where

It could be forever or never

I was dreaming with my open eyes


Standing in front of the walls

Painted black red stripes of sorrow

Surrounded with them all

Looking at my reflection in the lights

So I waving at them unconsciously

Trying to make my paths of sober

Exploding colors exploring others

Messed up brain showed me illusions of my world

Faces covered with fear

Poking me, some punched me on my face

So wake me up my paralyzed wasted dreams

My tension comes up according to a hollowed fate

Maybe I can’t realize the moment of sadness

I threw my anger and used the needles to calm

Fuck I can’t see anything with depressed thoughts

Now I see a light i tried to catch it

But I slipped off from the roof of desperation

Now I’m falling through my hopes again

I hit the ground with a broken soul

I can’t control my shakes something was so wrong

I saw these through I won’t comply

Where the hell am I

I can see two shadows growing larger and color full

And faded away through the wall I painted

So I laugh out loud

Is this a dream or a memory?

Can I escape with my sins and her lies?

Through the unholy thing

Heaven and hell beneath my skin

Destroy all my fate

The devil inside me calling

controlling all my pain

Golden siren

Staring at my face

Beautiful but shy

Not easy to touch or feel

Empty but still perfect


Should I call?

Or should I shout

Golden siren

From heaven or hell


A black knight beside you

Get away quickly and calm

Could it catch you?

No it could be just a sight


Dear siren stay quietly

Don’t go in that hollow road

Here follow me to the world of siren

Peaceful and gorgeous


Golden siren where are you

Hold your breath I’m coming

Just shout my name

I can’t see it’s too dark


A big black cat

Dragging a body with his claws

A greasy golden dress

Covered with dust and dirt


Can’t hear anything

It’s so silent and soothing

Dark, scary and alone

Me and this golden dress


Climbed to a mountain

I can’t find my path

Tear drops falling from sky

A laughter from darkness

Hundred Days

It’s only hundred days
And i have hundred things to say
Will it be my day
Or will it be somone else
Hundred days
Hundred wishes
Hundred dreams ,
We passed away
But theres now We ,
Now ita up to me
I had many things to ask
But its cold and dark ,
To let my happiness be
i have one thing now
Oh santa please give me whats mine
I know you will give me that
It will light me up ,
I stayed three months to ask
Hundred days is nothing to me 
Change my past
Is not the thing
If i could ,i won’t be late ,
So Im here now
Give me my precious wish
Oh please santa please
I can’t wait now ,
It won’t be late
It will be that day
If you won’t give me now
What would i will be ,
I want that bad
Dont wrap or case it
Or tie under christmas tree
My door is open
Hold her hand 
Just bring her to me